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“Never give up on your dreams or you will be living out someone else’s.” -Leila Colgan

About Leila Colgan

As a healthcare corporate  “workingpreneur,” I am here to help you accelerate your business towards success.  Over the past several years I’ve built a large global organization and my influence and team continues to grow exponentially. I am a coach, speaker, and trainer.  

You Want to Get Out of the Rat Race, But You Don't Know Where to Turn!  

I get it. I have been through all the emotional ups and downs and I understand the struggles. Every time I got knocked down, I rose with a vengeance.

I’ve researched what the influencers do, read their recommended books, followed their systems step by step, and spent THOUSANDS of dollars trying to figure out the MAGIC bullet…   

If you have been doubting, questioning, thinking, contemplating, or simply fearing what to do next, I guarantee I’ve been there! YOU are in the RIGHT place!

I will empower you as an entrepreneur to face your fears, whatever they may be, head on. With me, you will establish the confidence you deserve and develop the skill sets required to build and lead a large and successful organization.

As your mentor, my goal is help you lead a life of total abundance and fulfillment.   


I’m here to help people LIKE YOU transform your life, adopt some simple habits in the areas of Health AND Success.

Thank you for stopping by and your interest to meet Leila Colgan! Leila combines her years of sales and marketing experience, with her entrepreneurial mindset…. to bring you concrete ways to have an UNSTOPPABLE life you love.

I come from a generational family that taught me “if you work hard, you will succeed”. I’ve carried this motto with me throughout my life.

My career began in healthcare sales. Promoted many times, winning multiple achievement awards, I continued climbing the corporate ladder… becoming an Executive Sales Leader of many start-up companies.

You could say that I’ve “done it all” when it comes to sales.

I enjoy the healthcare field because I genuinely care and love helping people. If there is something new, I am always excited for the world to know. AND, if it can benefit the life or health of someone, even better!

Being that competitive super successful business woman, I realized I wanted more……

I wanted to find a way that I could impact the health of many more lives. 

My own mother’s health was declining, and she needed me more. I wondered how I could help improve her quality of life.. She was diagnosed with early dementia. She could no longer take care of herself. I was faced with new challenges. I knew I needed to keep her safe. I found full time caretakers, but I knew the cost of care was going to be astronomical.

I wanted to find a way to supplement my income to help offset those costs. I was working 10-12 hours a day, but I knew working longer didn’t equal more pay. I needed more flexibility to take care of my mom. I needed to find a way to spend more time with mom and my family… and was searching for something that would give me that TIME FREEDOM. That’s when I met my mentor who introduced me to a lifestyle that I could only dream of having.

Ready To Partner With Me?

That’s when I discovered how to build a successful entrepreneurial health and wellness business on the side…….

“I wake up every day thinking how can I make someone’s life more significant so they can live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed.”

But here’s the thing…

I want you to know having a sales background did NOT guarantee my success. As a matter of fact, it was a huge learning curve for me.

I had my doubts on how I would be able to do something that was not “corporate”. I also received criticism and objections from close friends. This only made me feel inadequate and almost stopped me from pursuing my passion.

But my mentor stood by my side. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself offering me motivation and encouragement.

When I attended my first national meeting, the dream became reality. People no different than me, sharing their stories of persistence and NEVER GIVING UP. Lives changed forever, retiring themselves and their spouses from their full-time careers.

I left with a fire in my belly and a passion that is unexplainable. I could see with my own eyes the reality of this profession. A profession simply misunderstood by so many.

Was I fearful? Yes! I went through many ups and downs, and at times, I frankly wanted to quit!

“Never give up on your dreams or you will be living out someone else’s”

-Leila Colgan

If I can do it, so can you!

Today, I lead a very successful team, and we are building in over 146 countries!! This journey has made me a better leader, and a more successful woman.

I get to do what I love most…Help as many people I can to WIN by living the kind of life they always wanted to have.

I am fortunate to have built such a strong business that is rewarding on so many levels. However, I could not be where I am today without the people who have mentored me… and people, like you, to who work besides, as our team grows every day!

If this resonates with you and you are trying to figure out how to do it all, LET’S CONNECT... I’d love to help!

Let’s chat about your specific business goals and get busy! Simply contact me so we can discuss your roadmap to success.