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20+ Years 

Sales Executive experience for multiple fortune 500 companies


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Responsible For 65M in b2b sales

It's Time To Take Your Business To the Next Level!

I help female business owners and entrepreneurs scale their business through a

relationship-based sales model so they can CLOSE more sales, RETAIN more clients and WIN more referrals.

“Your sales will be found within the RELATIONSHIPS YOU CULTIVATE 

– not the quick wins and “low hanging fruit” that’s so easy to focus on.”

Leila Colgan

Relationship-based Sales Strategist

Hi there

My name is Leila Colgan

I help female business owners and entrepreneurs confidently achieve massive sales success without the overwhelm, self-doubt & fear of rejection - by focusing on building a network of relationships that you cultivate that brings a consistent flow of business from loyal clients who will never leave you.

Over the past several years I have led US & global sales organizations and my influence and teams continues to grow exponentially. I am a coach, speaker, and trainer.

If you have been doubting, questioning, or simply fearing what to do next, I guarantee - I’ve been there. You are in the RIGHT place.

Let's empower you as a business owner / entrepreneur to face your fears head on, establish the confidence you & your team deserves, and develop the skill sets required to build and lead a successful business. 

I go deep into where you're at, and really get a deep understanding of what you truly need before I make any recommendations. And sometimes that recommendation may mean that you work with me.  

I have 20+ years of massive sales success both in large Fortune 500

companies and start up organizations. I am responsible for selling over $65M in B2B sales, the recipient of over 31 national sales awards, and transitioned multiple sales territories from 0-5% market share upwards to 98% gaining massive credibility and likability among my clients. 


From my blog

This is how you objectively monitor your progress and get a realistic picture of how well your retention efforts are working.

How skillful relationship-based client service can be an opportunity to connect with the person and bring them back on board.

It feels like a disaster when you lose a client’s trust. But it’s really an opportunity to turn things around and establish a lifelong relationship.

If you want to implement a successful client retention program, you need to dig into your numbers.

The things I love to teach

Most people focus on how they’ll close enough deals to hit their goals. I found building a network that brings ME the deals that I need to hit my goals, is more effective.

I love to simplify complex information, breaking it down into smaller, more manageable steps to help ease the stress and overwhelm that can come from selling, making it more understandable, so you’ll remember it better, until it becomes second nature to you.

It will be a Metamorphosis. You will go from an “always be closing” sales mindset to an unforgettable sales influencer.

What you will learn from me

My Unique Relationship-Based Sales Strategy

How to cultivate relationships with your clients that are so authentic that when they need anything in the future, you will be top of mind. They chose you over others, will refer business to and will never leave you.

The Essential Selling Skills Necessary In Today's Noisy Marketplace

Learn to stand out among all your peers. Get to be the top dog that gets all the good stuff: the vacations, the bonuses, the awards, the recognition! Our goal is to make that YOU! 

Generate the cashflow your business needs to thrive.

Mastering sales gives you the ability to hire a team, pay for marketing, and cover all the expenses you need to grow.

Let’s lock arms and let me help you 10x your revenue with confidence!

Let's lock arms and let me help you 10X your

 revenue with confidence!

Let me help you scale your business with my relationship-based sales methodology. 

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Learn my simple sales strategies that led me to $65 million in business -to-business sales in this free guide.