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If sales have been a challenge for you, I’m so glad you’re here.

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The Sales Boss Accelerator

The 6-Month Sales Training Program for
Soon-to-Be Sales Superstars & Sales
Leaders Who Want to Train Their Team

This Offer Ends In:

Here’s why mastering sales has been so hard
- until now.

Most salespeople focus on how they’ll close enough deals to hit
their goals. I focus on building a network that brings me the deals
I need to hit my goals.

Your sales will be found within the relationships you cultivate -
not the quick wins and “low hanging fruit” it’s so easy to focus on.


with The Sales Boss Accelerator

Generate the cash flow your company needs to thrive.

Mastering sales gives you the ability to hire a team, pay for
marketing, and cover all the expenses you need to grow.

Become known as the “Go-To” sales professional

When anyone ever thinks of sales or a sales “crusher,” you will be
top of mind. You will be the one sought after most.

Shine as the top salesperson at your company.  

The top dogs get all the good stuff: the vacations, the bonuses, the
awards, the recognition! Our goal is to make that YOU!

Finally, live the life you went into sales to create.

All your hard work is about to pay off. Together, we’ll get you to
those financial goals that fuel the travel, the lifestyle, and the
financial security you deserve.

I’m Leila - sales coach and trainer for some of the biggest brands in the world. I’ve built $48M+ sales territories and flipped low-performing accounts into goal-smashing record-breakers. I’ve also trained thousands of salespeople to improve their sales skills, and now I’m excited to help you!

I went through so many formal sales training programs that taught me how to talk from a sales aid or use sales scripts -- only to find out that just made me seem salesy and made people want to “run” from me.

Once I figured out that I was doing things all wrong and spent time really diving into the needs of my client, uncovering where I could meet their needs and “win the sale” became more clear.  That consultative or “conviction” mindset, helped me 10x my sales and win multiple achievement and sales awards.  

Kimberly Olson

“One of my favorite things about Leila is that she takes the entire sales process and turns it into complete relationship building. In order for you to close more sales and stand out online, you need to learn her industry secrets.” 

 ~Kimberly Olson, PhD 

CEO of The Goal Digger Girl, Self-Made Millionaire + Best-Selling Author  


“Leila is the best sales leader ever! She’s always available to help me figure out a strategy to help close sales!”

--- Dubrece Miller, Health/Wellness, Accountant  

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Here’s what’s included in the program.


The Sales Boss Accelerator

When you start thinking like a  sales
relationship master, you won’t have to ever worry if you
will hit your numbers again. It just happens - like magic!

This program contains everything I've learned from taking under-performing companies, turning them upside down into top revenue-generating companies, & winning multiple local and national awards.

(This is the stuff I now charge $9,000+ to learn from me one-on-one….but don’t worry. It won’t cost you anywhere near that much.)

The Sales Boss Accelerator
isn’t a course.
It’s a metamorphosis.

You will go from an “always be closing” sales mindset to an
unforgettable sales influencer.

The Sales Boss Accelerator

is the first program of its kind that…  

Your clients will know you by your word, and they will be loyal forever.
Your conversations will become so easy that your clients don’t think of you like every other salesperson, but rather as a trusted advisor.
Never play small again. Watch your business grow right before
your eyes! 

Ultimately, The Sales Boss Accelerator will allow you to develop new habits, achieve sales recognition, and, when you’re ready, to become the best sales team leader ever!

We have included everything you need
to become that Sales Boss!


The Complete Training for Building a 7-Figure Sales Business

The mindset shifts you need to embody to be able to have a powerful sales conversation at any moment.
The techniques and tools to transform a “convincing” selling style into a “conviction” selling style for long term customer and client loyalty
How to close clients and customers with conviction and get them to sign on the dotted line, so they keep coming back for more


All the coaching you need to skyrocket your revenues, elevate your mindset, and make huge leaps in your income by mastering sales

Weekly Group Q&A Call to weed out the daily obstacles, challenges and mindset blocks you encounter along the way, diving deep into sales patterns that will skyrocket your sales.
The Sales Boss Accelerator Private Facebook Group - with direct access to me, the Level up Team, and your fabulous colleagues here in Sale Boss Accelerator Academy!  
Sales Call Breakthrough Sessions -  This one is exciting! Each month, I will personally be inviting a participant of Sales Boss Accelerator Academy to submit a recorded sales call (if you’re feeling brave!). I will review this call live on a group call, step-by-step - so you can learn by listening and rapidly accelerate your sales skills. 


Leila will be fully invested in your success throughout the program.

You’ll have Leila’s eyes fully focused on your sales strategies with her feedback to guide your “real-life” tough sales situations

Get Started Before This Offer Goes Away!

This Offer Ends In:

Imagine what you’ll be able to do when you are rising in the ranks with ease and never have to worry about missing your sales goals -- ever again!

How fun would it be to know your clients like family and receive high-quality referrals on a daily basis?
How would you like to never have to waste time on unqualified leads ever again?  
How would you like to have leads chasing you - instead of your having to chase them?
How would you like to have systems in place to handle all your busywork, freeing you up to spend all your time making money?

That’s what we aim to achieve inside 

The Sales Boss Accelerator

“Leila is a highly motivated, hardworking individual and is great with people. Leila always has a positive attitude. She is a great collaborator and inspirational leader of others.”

--- Chris DeFonce, Executive District Manager at UCB  

Join The Sales Boss Accelerator

today and get…

The Sales Success Academy  

(A $5,000 VALUE)  

This is the library of training we’ll be building together throughout the year. You’ll have the opportunity to review these modules anytime you need support in a specific area of your sales strategy.

The mindset shifts you need to embody to be able to have a powerful sales conversation at any moment
The techniques and tools to transform a “convincing” selling style into a “conviction” selling style for long term customer and client loyalty
How to close clients and customers with conviction and get them to sign on the dotted line, so they keep coming back for more

An Exclusive 6-month Apprenticeship with Leila Colgan

(A $9,000 VALUE)

You’ll get access to Leila Colgan every week to get the laser coaching and feedback you need to break through your sales goals and become a sales boss.

Get weekly personalized tailored feedback every step of the way. I get to know your business intimately.  
Register for weekly accountability and feedback “hot seats” and get Leila’s eyes on your business and your particular blocks and circumstances  
Get weekly on-going support from Leila and her team inside the Facebook group to answer your tactical questions  

Exclusive Bonus:  

The Private 'Sales Boss Accelerator' Facebook Group

(A $1,497 VALUE)

This is a group of successful entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are committed to reaching the top of their game, committed to changing the world, and committed to living their ideal lives.  

Get weekly support from Leila and the support team  
Weekly live training in the Facebook group, incorporating the newest strategies Leila has developed for her private clients.  
Accountability and Role-play sessions to uncover the roadblocks and hangups you are having that you don’t even realize you are doing!  

When you add it all up, that's a total value of more than $15,497

(A ridiculously low investment when you consider the sales boss you're about to become in your business!)


Choose the Plan That's Right For You

Pay Monthly  

6 Monthly Payments of $500 

Pay Upfront

One Payment of $2700

(save $300)

You can trust us!


Need a few quick questions answered?  

Book a call with Leila to discuss the program to see if it’s right for you.  

We’re Proud of Our 100% Satisfactions Guarantee  


We’ve never had someone go through one of our programs as intended and not receive an extraordinary return on their investment. If you’re the first, let’s talk.

This program is for those who are fully committed to achieving their goals. If that’s you, we’re fully, 100% committed to your success. If it’s not, we strongly encourage you to seek out another program instead.

The Sales Boss Accelerator WORKS.

The proof is in our people

Jeff Ladwig

“Leila is the best sales leader ever! She’s always available to help me figure out a strategy to help close sales!”

--- Jeff Ladwig, Healthcare 

“Leila had an eye on the business with an attention to customer relationships. She has many strong relationships with a number of customers whom she leveraged for business ventures.”  

--- Teresa Gagnon, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals  

Rick Episcopo

“Leila inspires those around her with a strong work ethic and a relentless pursuit of success for the company. She is a visionary with integrity and an excellent communicator. If you are building an organization that requires an experienced senior business executive, unequivocally, Leila should be on your team. I have admired her skills and would rank her as one of my most influential professional colleagues. Leila excels in building a loyal customer base by empathetically acknowledging the customers viewpoint in all communications and actions.”  

---Rick Episcopo, Social Media Icon, Executive Business Leader  

Cindy Middleton

Leila has a very effective and caring approach to working with others. She pours her heart and soul into the people that work around her. She makes us feel important and valuable not only as a rep but as an individual. She takes a great interest in others, their happiness and their needs in a very compassionate manner. I know when I need an answer on something and I keep hitting roadblocks that there is ONE person I can always count on to get things moving!  

--- Cindy Middleton,Professional Sales Representative, Biotech  


Here’s everything you’ll get in 

The Sales Boss Accelerator

The Sales Success Academy  


6-Month Apprenticeship with Leila Colgan  


The 7-Figure Sales Boss Facebook Group  


Total Value $15,497

Total The Sales Boss Accelerator Investment 

Only $2,700 (Or 6 payments of $500)

This program will give you the ability to absolutely crush all sales records. This will be my focus for the next 6 months. When I  give you the ability to 10x your sales with ease, it will be worth millions to you over the course of your career.  

That’s why the cost will be going up next month.

Join us right now and take advantage of this introductory offer.


The pain of taking action or the pain of regret.

You feel like you're getting nowhere, that you don’t have a strategy, and you feel unsupported 

You are no better off 6-12 months from now you keep doing the same thing over and over that leads to dead end conversations and flatlined sales.


You’re afraid of the “no” that someone is going to give you because they see you coming and they know you are trying to “sell” them something.

Instead of running from you, they actually look forward to your timely visit to catch up with you and share their feedback about your product or service.


Choose the Plan That's Right For You

Pay Monthly  

6 Monthly Payments of $500 

Pay Upfront

One Payment of $2700

(save $300)

You can trust us!



Here’s what our clients have to say:  

“If only I would have found Leila sooner, I would have hit my milestones so much faster!”  

Jenny Argoe, Industry/Location/Identifier

No other LIVE sales program will be as dedicated to your success as I am.

One more thing...

I’m here with you one step at a time. You are not alone, and you have someone you can trust to ask the questions you are fearful of asking those you work directly with. The money you invest in yourself, will return back to you 10-fold back in your sales.

It’s a decision to stop ignoring the old ways of how you learned to be successful in sales.

And just trust the process...

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  



Choose the Plan That's Right For You

Pay Monthly  

6 Monthly Payments of $500 

Pay Upfront

One Payment of $2700

(save $300)

You can trust us!


What does The Sales Boss Accelerator cost?

The Sales Boss Accelerator price is One Payment in full for $2700 or 6 payments of $500. 

What’s included in The Sales Boss Accelerator? 

The Sales Success Academy, A 6 Month Live Apprenticeship With Leila Colgan, 360 Degree Support From Leila Colgan.  

Who is this program for?  

This program is for anyone who wants to learn to master sales, including sales professionals, sales leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Realtors, etc. 

Is this a good program for small businesses, Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers, Business Owners, Realtors?  

Yes, regardless of what industry you are in, sales is always the most important aspect of business. So, learning to master it properly will positively impact your bottom line!

Does this program cover all aspects of sales?  

Yes, this program works to help you with every aspect of the sales process.  This program does not include leads for your business.  

Will this work for me if I struggle with closing sales?  

Yes, because if you don’t have the basic principles established with your customer, you won’t be effective in getting to the “yes” in your close. After you’ve concluded the program, closing will just become more natural to you.  

I’m looking at a few programs right now -- what makes yours different?  

I give you the tools and proven strategies that have turned over $48M territories. This program is not a series of videos and worksheets that leave you confused and frustrated. This is a very intimate program where you’ll get personalized feedback and support from me for 6 months to help you create the results you desire.  

Will I get feedback on my sales struggles during the program?  

Yes, my team and I will be right beside you all the way. You will have full access in the Facebook group to ask your questions, and there will be sessions where you role play your specific situation to get “real-time” feedback.  

I’m already pretty good at sales. Is YOUR PROGRAM just for beginners?  

No, not at all. This program is for individual sales professionals all the way through those in leadership positions who want to develop a stronger sales team, regardless of what industry you are in.  

Book a call with Leila here.  

I’m uncomfortable with asking for the sale with the sales techniques I’ve been taught so far, will I struggle learning these new techniques?  

Not at all!  I will teach you a new way of thinking and a new way of building rapport that will make your selling more at ease instead of feeling “salesy”.  

How much time will it take to get through the program? 

This is a 6 month program, with full Facebook group and team support.  

Will I have lifetime access to the PROGRAM?  

Yes, you will have access to the program at any time, so that you can come back and refresh your skills whenever you need to!  

Do you offer refunds?  

I offer a 100% No-Fail Guarantee  

What do I do if I need support? 

My team and I  are always available to you. You can post your question(s) in the Facebook group to get input from others, and if you need further assistance, you can ask for help at any time!  


Choose the Plan That's Right For You

Pay Monthly  

6 Monthly Payments of $500 

Pay Upfront

One Payment of $2700

(save $300)

You can trust us!

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