Hi, I'm Leila Colgan!

I help online entrepreneurs grow and monetize their business through a relationship-based sales method so that they can close more high ticket sales, retain more clients and win more referrals.

If you want to know how to increase your sales and keep your clients coming back for more, then keep reading.

Building long-term client loyalty is difficult, but it's important.

Relationship sales is rooted in building relationships with prospective clients and not transactions. It takes time to build a relationship, which means that you need to be willing to invest the time upfront.

The goal of relationship sales is establishing long-term relationships with prospective clients and not just transactions. This requires putting forth an effort that will distinguish you from your competitors by being more personable, attentive, and knowledgeable about their needs. 

Without the skills and expertise to make a sale, it's difficult if not impossible for any business to survive.

About Leila

Leila Colgan is an accomplished businesswoman who has led Fortune 500 companies and small start-up organizations alike driving high revenue growth. She brings years of experience in healthcare, entrepreneurship, and leadership to every venture she's involved with as well as a deep understanding of the trends impacting our world today.

She is a contributing author in “The Influencer Affect” and hosts her own TV show “Level up with Leila”. Leila has a special knack for connecting other people in the business world to help each other succeed!

Leila has always been known as the “sales flipper” taking underperforming sales to top level sales in multiple fortune 500 companies. Her experience with entrepreneurs and understanding of what it takes to grow a successful business offline and online makes her an invaluable resource for coaching clients on how reach their goals while still striving towards success.

Do you Feel Stuck? 

Do you struggle with motivation?

Do your fears about making mistakes prevent from closing deals?

Do you feel lost, scared, or stuck in your entrepreneurial pursuit?

Then it’s time to unmask those fears that are holding you back. I have been there, and so many of my clients were in the same boat. You work hard to get ahead but feel like you are spinning your wheels. 

Understanding sales is a key to success in any industry, but it can be daunting. Some people are naturally good at this skill while others need more practice and guidance.

I have worked with many entrepreneurs and small business owners who are struggling to get things done. They don't know how to prioritize their time, they're stressed out, overwhelmed and not very successful. 

I Can Help You

I am here for entrepreneurs at all stages of business development
Whether you are looking for assistance getting started on your own venture or managing day-to-day operations in a small company
If you want guidance growing into larger enterprises
If you are thinking about starting your own company but don't know where to start
I specialize in helping entrepreneurs and their teams achieve ultimate success

Let me help empower and motivate you on a journey toward confidence and success as an entrepreneur by uncovering what is really standing between you, so you can serve something greater than ourselves.

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Leila is an entrepreneur who has mastered the art of strategic selling and coaching. She assists her clients in gaining clarity so they can build a personal brand, which increases their profit margins as well for themselves. Leila’s obsession with assisting people to make this happen leads them into more fulfilling lives too! 

Leila lives in Orange County, CA with her amazing family and on the weekends, she likes to explore Southern California's beaches and hike. She also enjoys all of the delicious food OC has to offer!

Leila, with her years of experience climbing the corporate ladder, knows that you are never too old to discover your passions and find what is truly important in life. This probably explains why she has such a knack for bringing out the best attributes from all those whom she works with-helping them uncover their unique gifts so they can live up to their dreams!


"5 Simple Ways To
Keep Your Clients For Life"

Your best customers don’t just buy once and then disappear. These are people who need what you have to offer. They buy again and again and I'll show you how in this free guide. 

Let me help you scale your business with my relationship-based sales methodology. 

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